ARC Impex Solutions is an advice-led business that understands the volatile conditions of the global financial markets. These insights give us the upper-hand when it comes to providing effective advice to help our clients navigate the ever-turbulent forex markets.

With years of combined experience, we are able to help you to pass on a holistic forex service to your clients.


As experts in the field, we take a view of the risks and opportunities inherent in a complex market. We help advisors and their clients navigate the tricky terrain of forex trading and hedging alternatives.

As a business-to-business financial services solution, we pride ourselves on giving you, honest, up-to-date, and real time information, as and when you need it, so that your clients are guaranteed cost and time savings when it comes to their cross-border financial transactions.

With a clear and detailed forex plan in place, we put you in a better position to help your clients navigate and protect their forex transactions.

ARC Impex Solutions is a proud member of the South African Association of Treasury Advisors (SAATA) and fully complies with the FX Global Code.


At ARC Impex Solutions we navigate buying, selling and currency exchange transactions to ensure your clients have access to the most competitive rates in the market.

Through ongoing daily reviews of market movements, we can ensure your clients pay less for forex products, including spot transactions and hedging instruments, which include forward contracts, options and asset swaps.

We put our extensive experience and know-how to work for you, to ensure your clients’ money moves quickly and seamlessly, even during times of volatility and uncertainty.

  • Transparency

The cost structures associated with forex markets can be confusing, and people who need buy or sell forex are often unsure about the rates and fees attached to a forex transactions. ARC Impex Solutions assists with unlocking this black box. Our business-to-business solution offers transparent forex transaction and fee cost structures, and all information is available on demand.

  • Regulatory Compliance

All South African residents are subject to exchange control regulations. Failure to comply, even inadvertently, can be extremely costly. ARC Impex Solutions are experts in South African tax and exchange control law. We will assist you and your clients with all compliance issues, by helping you navigate the complex regulatory environment, from selecting the right Balance of Payments (BOP) category code to applying to the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) to be allowed to exceed your annual allowance.


Our experts closely track the economic indicators that cause foreign exchange and financial markets to fluctuate. We maintain a long-term view of global markets and act quickly to protect against, the often detrimental, knock-on effects of political, social and economic events in key markets.

Navigating this fast changing and volatile space requires access to cutting-edge analysis and deep industry insights. ARC Impex Solutions shares daily and weekly data and market commentary, ensuring that you can pass essential information onto your clients in real-time.